eMG1, an elastomer bellows seal with impressive details

With the eMG1, EagleBurgmann took the millionfold proven MG1 elastomer bellows seal to the next level. Numerous innovative details offer additional benefits in practical use.

The eMG1 seals pump shafts. It meets the requirements of the chemical industry, the pulp and paper industry and the food industry as well as the demands of water and wastewater technology or the oil and petrochemical industry.

This wide range of applications is possible thanks to the numerous material combinations. Deserving special mention is the series optimized face material eSic-Q7, a friction and wear optimized silicon carbide with hydrodynamic properties. Long-term tests confirm up to 50 % longer operating periods, extended emergency running properties and lower energy consumption than with comparable materials.

Minimized stick-slip effects

The optimized bellows construction with integrated PEEK-PTFE disk ensures continuous centering across the entire pressure operating range and improves the adjustment behavior during axial shaft movements. This minimizes stick-slip effects and increases operational reliability. The bellows is designed to provide high axial movement which ensures reliable seal performance even with shaft deflections.

A significantly smaller outer diameter of the bellows support allows direct support of the seal with a retaining ring or the use of significantly smaller spacer rings. In addition, the special bellows design protects the mechanical seal from damage during assembly.

Fully compatible with MG1

Installed MG1 seals are fully compatible with the eMG1 and can be replaced without any additional constructional effort, allowing you to use the advantages of this new generation of elastomer bellows seals at any time.

For pumps with more compact seal chambers, EagleBurgmann offers the eMG elastomer bellows seal. It has the same technical features as the eMG1 but has a 20 % shorter overall length and so creates new perspectives for the design of new pumps.