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Not all water is the same. Depending on the application, it comes in many different compositions and qualities: untreated water, seawater or brackish water, purified or drinking water, industrial process water, hot water, or wastewater.

The process requirements for different water applications are just as varied as the medium itself. From water extraction, water distribution, and water transport to utilization, water purification, and wastewater treatment, to flood protection – all water applications have one thing in common:

Seals play a key role in safe and efficient plant operation.



Reliable sealing of pumps, flanges, and valves not only protects the media and processes at hand, it also protects people and the environment and conserves resources by stopping leakage. Only a process-oriented design of the seals used and the exploitation of standardization potential ensure maximum process security, availability, and the efficient functioning of the plant.

So it's good that EagleBurgmann has exactly the right sealing solution for every water application. The right product portfolio and knowledge of the relevant processes and standards allow us to implement solutions that are technically secure and reliable as well as very efficient.


Your partner for all aspects of your water technology sealing solution

EagleBurgmann is a leading international solution and service provider for sealing technology for water and wastewater applications. For more than 130 years, we have successfully supplied the complex water market with its many applications. Our seals are used to seal the shaft in all types of pumps, macerators, and aerators.

As a full-service partner, we offer pump manufacturers, users, and service providers the best sealing technology from a single source. Our customers clearly profit from our research and development, consulting, engineering, design, production, and service.

And with our tight-knit network of production facilities, sales and service centers, we are close by no matter where in the world you are. Learn about our excellent sealing technology, extensive training courses, and custom-tailored services.

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Excellent sealing technology

Our motto: “There's no such thing as can’t be done”. With our extensive product lines, we have exactly the right sealing solution for every requirement.

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Engineering & services

Our response to your individual service needs: custom-tailored service programs and flexible service modules.

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Seminars & training courses

The operation of seals requires knowledge about how they work and the materials they are made of. Expand your specialized knowledge with our training courses – from practical experience to practical use.

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Are you operating technical systems or buildings?
Regardless of where you may be, we know our way around. 

Each water application calls for specific requirements on the sealing technology used. We also have just the right seals for your system or property, from both the technical and economic perspectives.

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We develop and produce customer-specific special and individual solutions for every application.

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Are you planning to build, modernize or expand a plant or building?

EagleBurgmann has been a dependable partner for building industrial and infrastructure systems for many years. Take advantage of our extensive project experience, first-class sealing knowledge, and global presence.

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Are you a pump service partner that offers specialized maintenance, repair, and replacement of mechanical seals?

EagleBurgmann will help you serve your customers quickly and expertly. In addition to a wide variety of standard mechanical seals that are available quickly, we can keep you up to date with training courses for sealing technology, maintenance, and servicing. Our sealing specialists around the world are there to help you if you have any questions.

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Sealing expertise for water applications

Technology, service, knowledge. To the clear advantage of every industry. Table with metric units.


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Sealing expertise for water applications - Ed. North America

Technology, service, knowledge. To the clear advantage of every industry. 
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