eFlexgen: Unique expansion joint solution for emission reduction


Emission-intensive industries in particular must strive to significantly reduce their emissions in view of the Paris Agreement and EU Green Deal.

At EagleBurgmann, we recognise the importance of their contribution and are implementing the necessary strategies.


High performance. Low emissions.

The conventional EagleBurgmann Flexgen design is typically used where hot & dry flue gas needs to be treated. A typical power generation application with a 3m diameter Flexgen and constant flue gas flow will emit approximately 4 tonnes of flue gas per year. This is approximately equivalent to the annual emissions of a medium sized car. Flue gas is emitted mainly at the bolted joints and the metal frame.

With the new eFlexgen, EagleBurgmann has developed a unique expansion joint solution that contributes directly to the net-zero goal.

And Beyond Emission Reduction enhanced robustness and performance:

  • Double sealing layers – Improved safety by new high temperature sealing layer
  • Longer lifetime of the expansion joint via reduced heat impact on materials
  • Energy savings – increased leak tightness reduces heat loss
  • Improved leak tightness prevents particles / contaminants entering process


Re-thinking the future – NEW eFlexgen - Design

flexgen2005 vs eFlexgen




Technical Specification - Flexgen 2005 and eFlexgen

eFlexgen Data Table

eFlexgen/Flexgen expansion joints safely absorb thermal expansion and misalignments of pipe and duct systems in dry and medium temperature area. eFlexgen/Flexgen products compensate for movements in multiple directions simultaneously.

Our certifications:

  • Long-standing member of European Sealing Association ESA
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001


Main features

The main features of our new eFlexgen include a multi-layer design that can withstand temperatures up to 575° C, the ability to compensate for movements in all directions, and suitability for dry conditions. It can be delivered either as fabric only or as a preassembled unit. Additionally, it can be custom-made to fit the specific working conditions you have.


The applications of this product are quite versatile. It can be used in various scenarios such as flue gas duct systems, boiler inlets and outlets, penetration seals, process lines, and stack connections. Its mulit-layer desing and ability to compensate for movements make it suitable for these different applications. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, we are happy to provide more information feel free to ask!


Zero emission - Products for Lower Footprint

EagleBurgmann is investing in a "zero emission" campaign with a series of seals that permit no or only very low emissions. In the segment of mechanical seals, there are already several seal types  with these features in place. With the construction of the eFlexgen, the first expansion joint also joins this series. 




CobaDGS: Zero Emission compressor DGS


CobaSeal: Best in class separation seal with lowest N2 consumption


RoTechBooster: Seal gas booster for compressors to avoid venting during turning and stant-still mode


eMAK: The new standard of best-in-class energy-efficiency for magnetic couplings

Rotary Kiln Sealing System DRO

Rotary Kiln Sealing System DRO: Lowest emission issuing system in the market


eFlexgen: Innovation in material and design for lowest fugitive emissions



What can we do for you?

EagleBurgmann has many years of experience in supplying standard and customized expansion joint solutions to the significant industries – both to OEMs and end users. Through dialogue and cooperation with our customers, EagleBurgmann consults on solution optimization for the most demanding applications and challenges.

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Contact an expert Show locations

2022 - Fast lane job at one of the leading German cement producer

Diameter: Ø 902 mm

Design Temperature: 600 °C

2022 - Flue gas line, boiler/steam pipe for a large refinery in Italy

Penetration seals

Dimensions: 330 x 340 mm & 240-420 mm

Max. Temperature: 650 °C

2022 - Air & traces of Trail Gas in an Indian refinery (location: Cold Air Bypass Duct)

Dimensions: 1,9 x 1,4 m up to 3,4 x 1,8 m

Diameter 2.600mm

Design Temperature: 430 °C

2021 - Flue gas line in Refinery, Thailand (WHB Outlet Duct)

6 Flexgen

Dimensions: 5 x 5 m

Design temperature: 220 °C

2020 - Flue gas line, GT exhaust in chemical plant, France

11 Flexgen 2005

Dimensions: 1 x 2 m up to 4 x 6 m

Design temperature: 600 °C

Product Performance Validation Report_Bureau Veritas

eFlexgen Expansion Joint

With the new eFlexgen, EagleBurgmann has developed a unique expansion joint solution that contributes directly to the net zero target.

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